Dancer Profiles help dancers get work?

Dancer Profiles helps those within the dance industry seeking to employ dancers decide on who to offer auditions to and consequently a job if successful.

The profile of a dancer is what helps every dancer gain work within the dance industry whether they know it or not..!

Without a good dancer profile or portfolio, as some would call it, a dancer may not even get considered for even an audition. For example, new dancers looking to gain work might not necessarily know what their own dancer profile is when asked because they do not what things they need to keep records on or just plain not keeping on top of things?

The more experienced dancers will have a dance portfolio detailing their full dancing experience.

Many dancers new to the professional dancing industry will say that they have been dancing since the age of 3 or 4 – but fail to provide a full detailed description of their dance experience, including levels and type of dance studied as well as results achieved of exams taken and so on.

Get included within our Dancer Profiles

What this Dancer Profile site is looking to do is provide an online resource full of Dancer Profiles to help those who are seeking employment within the dance industry, therefore, allowing them to create their own unique dancer profile so that prospective employers can readily see what each dancer registered on the site has to offer.

As the site grows along with the membership base so will the list of dancer profiles, the point here is that each and every dancer when creating their own dancer profile should provide as much information as possible (without the waffle) to allow any prospective employer to make their decision quickly on who they want to see at the addition.

So if you’re a dancer seeking employment and not already included within the dancer profiles already listed within our site you should strongly consider creating your own dancer profile today.