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through your use of Dancer Profile you'll easily build a working history for use within the dance industry after being a performer.
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Welcome to


Dancer Profile is ABOUT Dance, and will be for use by professional dancers and those who work and operate within the dance industry

Right now we’re in a beta stage, meaning we’re in the process of developing the dancer profile concept. Whilst doing this we’re inviting professional dancers to register on the site either for FREE then if happy to do so undertake to pay a monthly or annual fee for its use once developed and officially launched. Or, by becoming a founding member on the onset which awards them lifetime membership for a nominal £100 crowdfunded type investment.

Create a Dancer Profile

Create your very own dancer profile which you can manage in just one place, then use, update throughout your professional dance career.

Apply for Auditions

We plan on being able to highlight professional auditions

Apply for Jobs

We plan on being able to highlight fee-paying jobs only.

Manage Schedules

We plan on being able to help all professional dancers be able to manage their daily routines


The Latest Dance Professionals

registering an interest in Dancer Profile 

In case you have questions

We're aiming for 150 founding members

We’re aiming to develop Dancer Profile quicker with the assistance of what we’re terming as FOUNDING MEMBERS. These would be dance professionals who for an up front £100 nominal fee will become Dancer Profile lifetime members with no additional membership fees ever becoming due. (PLEASE NOTE: This would not include any 3rd party services which if offered would be optional)  

Good Question, should this ever be the case it wouldn’t deter us in continuing development, not only do we believe in the benefits that Dancer Profile would provide to Professional Dancers (as well as the Dance Industry) we also have a  commitment to provide a service to those who have become Founding Members.

We’re developing Dancer Profile to be an effective online management tool which Professional Dancers would regularly use to keep their profile (inc work history) up to date. Making it handier when submitting job and audition applications.

Whilst we ultimately plan to be able to list casting jobs our intention will be in only offering those jobs which we deem as being beneficial to the dancer. This is because we as dancers ourselves know too well how much blood, sweat and tears go in to dance training, rehearsals etc without having to do things for free. 

NO – this current site is in no way representative of how Dancer Profile will either look or how it will function. This current site is a very basic and cost-effective way for us to not only get the Dancer Profile name out there but also gauge the interest and support from the dance community. 

Although we say this site is basic, it does provides members with the ability to create their own PROFILE (so long as they are or have been a professional dancer). Once developed and officially launched members will be able to create a more defined URL perfect for self-promotion and job & audition applications.

Well, we really cannot say too much other than we want Dancer Profile to be a working tool which all Professional Dancers feel is of genuine benefit to them. If we lay out now all the services we intend to provide long-term that would be only creating competitors. Let’s just say that we are Dancers looking out for the best interest of Dancers, we wish to be niche and selective, hence us sticking to what we know (Dance) and targeting Professional Dancers. 


Dancer Profile

Although still in development the aim is to enable dancers to create & manage their own online Dancer Profile which they can control. There are a number of management administration aspects which we wish to include also.


Dance Industry

Ultimately, we wish for Dancer Profile to be a beneficial tool for the whole Dance Industry, through which can be utilised  and referenced to in order to seek and engage Professionals Dancers for opportunities.


Dance Career

Our goal is that correct use of Dancer Profile would enable a full and concise professional training and experience record of a dancer to be kept. Therefore, easily accessible for use within a continued dance career i.e. teaching, choreography.