Elap – Embodied Life Art Program

ELAP is a pioneering somatic dance program offering experiential practice for the integration of knowledge through improvisation.Where: Contemporary Dance Platform, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht, the Netherlands

When: June 18

Deadline for applications: April 20

– The body, as a whole intelligent organism, is the focal point and the departure for learning.
– Pivotal for this training is movement research, exploring sensorial perception, self-development and applied somatics in performance.
– ELAP approaches composition from the body systems that have their own unique manifestation and organization of space and time.
– It offers the opportunity to study instant composition as a performance skill and a way to navigate in life.
– ELAP is an uncovering process, unlike mainstream dance practices.
– Imagination is rooted in the body supporting and feeding the 3 pillars: embodied practice – the creative process – performative body.
– The pedagogical approach is facilitating a context for students to be autonomous and own their own process.
– This program is a lens through which to look at one’s growth, the dance practice is used as a way to get in contact with one’s deep nature and observe patterns in order to stimulate a dialogue between art practice and life, supporting a process of integration.
– The program will start on the 18th of June 2020 with the second group. If you are interested in joining this program please come to the Introduction workshops or get in touch with us.

ELAP develops in 7 modules, each having a specific topic and consisting of 3 main pillars:
1. embodied practice: somatic-based study and exploration through hands-on, experiential anatomy, reflection
2. creative process: tap into the creative practice through moving, observing, reflecting and integrating this back into the practice
3. performative body: engage in instant composition as a practice of creating the form in a performative setting through performing, watching and reading the composition.

The trajectory and order of modules have been created with great care. We aim for a group that intends to follow the full program and order; taking around 2,5 years. However, it is possible to enrol in the trajectory, only under the attention of the teachers. Module 7 can only be taken when finished 1 to 6.

What it offers:

ELAP offers a frame and a ground to learn skills and to develop oneself towards a dance practice which is embedded and integrated with one’s life.
It holds a vision of dance as a kinesthetic experience and it provides a learning trajectory towards this understanding and embodiment.
It gives a space and a time to deepen the exploration, find new bodily connections and mature the dance through reflection.
The program consists of different techniques and approaches, which are mindfully used and integrated to facilitate a complete experience to support a genuine and deep learning process.

Participants will be learning about:

– anatomy
– different body systems: bones, connective tissue, joints, fluids, glands.
– contact improvisation
– bodywork
– movement vocabulary
– voice work
– theatrical and performance skills
– interdisciplinary work
– observation, reflection and articulation

February 2 & April 19

For further information and to register visit, please visit www.elap.nl

Costs for participants: €500,-

Contact details: www.elap.nl