Workshop with Milla Koistinen

Each day of the workshop focuses on one theme and at the end of the daily session, we will explore the repetition technique I have developed in my teaching and choreographic practice. In this method, I assist participants individually to delve deeper into their practice. The starting point lies in repetitive patterns, which help us to understand the repetition as something rich and exciting.Where: Dock11, Berlin, Germany

When: 2nd – 5th December 2019 / 10.00-14.00

Through repetition, we trace the fine details of movements exploring vast amounts of variations. This can be used to change existing patterns in the movements and rewire new ones. Finally, variations can happen in an increasing speed, the amount of repetitions will minimize, which leads to rich and playful material. We don’t force movements but pose ourselves gentle questions.

Milla Koistinen has graduated from the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Finland with MA in dance and from HfS Ernst Busch/HZT Berlin with MA in choreography.

She has worked among others with Kristian Smeds, Hiroaki Umeda, Peter Verhelst (NTGent/Johan Simons), Cie Heddy Maalem, Christine Gaigg, Hans van den Broeck and Les Ballets du Grand Maghreb. Since 2008 she has been creating her own work and her creations have been played in Tanzhaus NRW, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Mad House Helsinki, Fabriktheater Zürich, Dampfzentrale Bern, Ballhaus Ost and in Uferstudios Berlin.

Koistinen has collaborated with Jochen Arbeit, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, director Janne Reinikainen at the Finnish National Theatre and with sound poet Dirk Huelstrunk.
She has worked as a guest teacher at SEAD Salzburg, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Tanzhaus NRW, Sasha Waltz & Guests, Toula Limnaios Company, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Munich DancePAT, Tanzhaus Zürich, Theatre Academy of Helsinki, the University of Tampere, HZT Berlin, Marameo and DOCK 11 in Berlin, Espace Catastrophe in Brussels and PAC Ramallah.

In the spring 2019 Milla Koistinen was invited as a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

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Costs for participants: 120€

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