We’re all ABOUT Dance

Dancer Profile is all about dance, helping dancers who have a burning desire to work perhaps initially as a performer and then continue working in the dance industry via natural progression say as a dance teacher or choreographer. At the onset of a dancer seeking dance related work, such individuals (and their parents) may well have already spent an absolute fortune (in time & money) over the preceding years to help advance them to working in something which they love and get enjoyment from.

For some dancers, they find it easy in seeking work and connections, for others it’s a matter of knowing how and where to begin, this is where Dancer Profile aims to help.

Much today, in any industry, is a mix between who you know, what you can do, as well as what you’ve done (experience) and dance sector is no different.

There are presently already a number of ‘casting’ related websites which help promote dance individuals to dance work, but all too often they cater for a mix of things like acting, singing etc (which we don’t have a problem with we hasten to add).

But this got us thinking, as to why often we’d see references made online by Dance Companies as well as Production Companies to the term ‘Dancer Profile’? But there was nothing specific set up to cater for this, only the odd reference being made to it, yet everyone would know what the term implied.

After all, ‘Profile’ is often something which an individual creates online to detail things about themselves in order to seek work, with the likes of LinkedIn being a classic example. So why was the term Dancer Profile not something which has already been created as a specific and niche resource for dancers?

We concluded that perhaps the view for some would be that it would be to niche, which is why it appealed to us because niche is good – in our view it’s about dance then that’s us.

If that’s you also, why not have a look at being a founding member of Dancer Profile?

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