Audition Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography

Intensive Course In Interpretation And Choreography is a course directed towards students with a solid formation in dance, that want to further develop their skills via a process designed for professionalization.Where: Companhia Instável, Porto, Portugal

When: 10th December 2019, 3 pm

Deadline for applications: 8th December

The course promotes the acquisition and development of knowledge and competences in interpretation and creation of contemporary choreography, combining the incentive for personal research with training in dance and choreography composition, conducted by various teachers, creators and interpreters. This course allows for the development of an interpreter that is also creative, promoting individual work as an interrogative practice and an act of collaboration, in dialogue with other artists and colleagues. The focus of this course lies in the evolutionary process of the participants, since there is space for the construction of individual or co-created creations, and the possibility for those to be presented publicly. When
• From 9th January 2020 to 13th July 2020 (with one week break between 6th and 12th April 2020);
• Monday to Friday (except some weeks when Saturday and Sunday will be needed to work. On that case we will schedule the respective days-off during the week);
• From 9:30 am to 3 pm (except for some weeks that can be extended to 6 pm);
• Total: 25 weeks;

Companhia Instável – Edifício Teatro do Campo Alegre, Piso 1
Rua das Estrelas s/n, Porto ]


• Registration: 180€

• Course (payment in 2 possible modes):

• 1800€* – payment in full until 15th December 2019

• 1900€* – payment of 1000€ until 15th December 2019 + 4 payments of 225€ until 10th of each month between January and April 2020


Portuguese students or with a tax residence in Portugal will have access to a scholarship offered by Fundação GDA, that covered 40 of the value of the course.

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