Shahar Binyamini Workshop for Professional Dancers Tel Aviv

Wet Ostrich is delighted to announce Shahar Binyamini’s first-ever workshop for professional dancers in Israel.

Where: Suzanne Dellal center, Studio Dalia, Tel Aviv, Israel

When: December 21-22

In this workshop, we will focus on Shahar Binyamini’s latest performance work, Silicon Valley, (video link below) recently commissioned by Art Bora Project in Seoul. We aim to spend time with an intimate and small group of dancers to learn a repertoire section from this piece and to experience and explore a piece of dance coming alive with a new group of dancers.
Shahar will work in-depth with everyone to achieve a state of presence in dance, so particular of his performance work. A variety of choreographic tools will support everyone staying in the moment while dealing with complex choreographic material and focusing on the dancing-self. Shahar is looking forward to connecting and dancing with new dancers in this workshop for future choreographic projects in Israel and abroad.

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Costs for participants: 75 euros.

Contact details: write us!

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