Chichester Festival Theatre Casting Opportunity

Chichester Festival Theatre is looking for a young female contemporary dancer of Asian Pacific heritage to play a principal role in a theatre project.

Where: Chichester Festival Theatre, UK

When: 25 May – 29 August 2020

Deadline for applications: Friday 10 January 2020

The character is aged around 17 and should feel young, open and beautiful. There is a sense of inner conflict between wanting to remain true to her culture but also escape it. She only has a few lines but will be a profound cultural presence throughout the piece in her dancing and gestures, which are virtuosic, beautiful, emotive and powerful.

This dancer would need to be available for all performances. The pay is above Equity minimum.

DIRECTOR: Daniel Evans

Auditions will take place in London on Saturday 18 January.

If you would like to apply for an audition please submit your headshot, CV and contact details to .

For further information, please visit